Designing bold and noble futures.

Designing a noble future, together.

We help organizations understand and navigate the ethical challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and we strive to ensure that those technologies are being designed for good; the flourishing of our planet and it’s billions of citizens.

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Our purpose

The world is undergoing enormous change with a fourth industrial revolution (4IR) well underway. The 4IR is creating an unprecedented world of intelligent, data-driven, and hyperconnected systems of things. The technologies driving this transformation are artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), biotechnology, blockchain and robotics. Together, these technologies can help us create a planet of prosperity and plenitude or they can help us to continue creating a planet of scarcity and servitude. The outcome that prevails is entirely up to us.

We passionately believe that a flourishing future for our planet and for humanity will depend on a fundamental shift in how we create new systems and new things. Rather than be human-centered and focused on usability, we will need to be value-centered (for people and the planet) and focused on nobility through new mindsets and methods. We’re dedicated to helping organizations make that transition and have started that journey by providing the services below. 


Our Services

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Learn what 4IR technologies mean for your organization.

Are you ready for the 4IR world? Do you thoroughly understand whether or not you are doing the right thing?

We’ve work with your organization to help you comprehend the momental change the 4IR will bring to our world and understand its full implications for your organization. Understanding what we should do begins with understanding what we can do.

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Assess your existing 4IR solutions

Are your solutions as noble as they should be?

We help organizations understand the potential and pitfalls of the solutions they’ve created. Transparency prevents tragedy.

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Design noble 4IR strategies that positively impact our planet and its people.

Do you know how to create solutions that truly make a positive difference?

We help put organizations back in touch with their often hidden and neglected values and empowers them to bring forth solutions that truly make a positive difference.


Create noble teams that thrive in a 4IR world.

Are your teams as happy, productive and effective as they should be?

We help organizations create happy, productive, and effective teams through growth, compassion, and purpose. Making a difference for the world begins with making a difference for yourself and your teams.

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Our Story

We’ve spent the majority of our lives working in major corporations. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned along that journey is just how difficult it can be for a large organization to do the right thing. Change is hard. It is far too easy to allow cynicism, judgment, and fear to prevail even when people have the best of intents.

We formed Intrinsic to change that. We strive to create an open, compassionate, and playful space for bringing teams together to build a better future for our planet and for ourselves.


Matt Diamanti, Design Executive Officer and Founder

“When I was in college 20 years ago, I was really disturbed by the digitization of our world because I knew that it was going to lead to problems and that people were being blindly optimistic. The trolling, social distancing, misinformation, and abuse of privacy we’ve experienced today were concerns for me back then, and, as a result, I decided right then that my mission in life would be to try and prevent the misuse of technology. I abandoned the electrical engineering degree I was getting, graduated with a psychology degree and immediately applied for the master's in design program my school provided.

I worked for several years in areas where I felt I could make a difference - healthcare and education - but, ultimately, was bothered by how much business and design had put aside questions of ethics and values and focused, instead, on profitability and usability.

Standing on the precipice of a new technological dawn, I feel more passionately than ever that our focus needs to change. We must start courageously defending the idea of virtuous systems, services and products, even if it means putting more substantial profit aside.

The future of humanity and the planet truly depends on us RIGHT NOW and I am fully dedicated to helping our society make the transition for the better.”

Prior to forming Intrinsic, Matt worked for 20 years in a variety of industries helping big corporations implement, hire, scale and operationalize design teams and create innovative new solutions.

He has a master's degree in human-centered design from the Institute of Design, in Chicago, IL.


Rachelle Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer and Founder

Rachelle spent over 20 years in the healthcare industry teaching leadership and peers how to effectively integrate design practices and methods into complex healthcare systems.

She has a degree in Management of Information Systems.


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